After my morning tea, I went on with my daily routine of checking the social media for updates. As soon as I opened whatsapp, I saw stories full of 'Ram Mandir Bhoomi Pujan’ in Ayodhya.

There was not a single person who didn’t put up this story in their whatsapp with the picture of Prime Minister inaugurating the Bhoomi Pujan for Ram Mandir construction in Ayodhya.

Well on one side, I saw the active coronavirus cases approaching 6 lakhs. On the other, I saw the explosions in the city of Beirut in Lebanon killing over more than 100 people due to the explosion of ammonium nitrate. And then there was this going on in India, 'Ram Mandir’.

I was wondering what has happened to the people and above all 'the fourth pillar of democracy’ i.e. media. The mainstream media had nothing to show except flashing back to back: How the PM came, how did he perform the rituals and how does the nation look with the lighting of diyas all over marking the celebration of this day.

Whereas, the social media was also flooded with the stories and videos of the same.

Well, being a Hindu, I too worship Lord Rama and as a human as well as theist believe in the power of almighty, God. I know there are historical, cultural and emotional sentiments of people associated with Ram Mandir issue.

But is this important for the media to broadcast this event for complete 24 hours. Despite the fact that there are destructions happening in every corner of the world.

Coming to the government, I just have a question. The world is suffering from a pandemic, parts of nation are facing flood and the situation worldwide is critical. Was there any importance of making this event so hyped including the mass gathering of people?

India is a country where people are sentimental. They connect more sentiments rather than logic with any issue. So, in a nation like this, it becomes quite easy for the politicians to hit those sentiments in the name of religion and spread a fire of secularism.

The citizens are getting distracted by the sentimental covering that they are imposed with. The culprit here is the media who inspite of catering to the needs of the nation and society, is playing a double role.

We have ample of issues lying before us. Corona has hit us bad, economy is devastated, youth are jobless and mortality rate is rising high. Education, Sanitation, Agriculture, Environment, Research and development, Gender biasness and many other issues are dying to come up to the mainstream media and in front of the government, but all these goes unaddressed.

Now, it’s up to us to decide what to put up in the story. Democracy will not be active if the citizens will be sleeping. It’s high time to think wise and act accordingly. I just realized my special morning tea lost it’s essence as I kept wondering about what not.

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Medha Shukla

I am a crazy soul but peaceful by heart. Writing heals me and art enlivens me. I am a Leo by Sunsign.