The feeling of Azadi… Really?

I took my morning cup of tea and sat on the couch, leaving the newspaper midway half-read. The reason being the ‘tan-tan-tan’ notifications of the apps giving me a signal ‘Come on girl….See what’s going around’. So, obeying the orders of the notifications, I just opened Whatsapp and saw the same ‘Happy Independence Day’ wishes flashing on everyone’s stories/statuses. Somewhere just GIF, some short videos and some where the real clicked pictures of the flag being hoisted. Oooopppss… I am sorry… I forgot to mention, today is Independence Day.

Well, for some people it’s all about the jalebi and ladoo, for some it is getting up early and heading back to workplaces to hoist the flag. But for people like me (you can call me a traitor although I am not), it’s nothing so exciting. Just getting up late and watching people showing patriotism and then the monotonous routine carries on.

I wonder if people filling up their stories with these ‘Happy Independence Day’ messages are really feeling independent or not. I mean I am not defending myself by not putting up the story. And obviously choosing to put a story or not is one’s own choice and every citizen has that right. But just putting up stories will really work? Are not things really serious that needs to be given an ear.

The maid who comes to the house and does the stuff was doing this today also. Do they feel independent? Being a citizen of this nation, don’t they need this day to feel free and enjoy their life on their own terms. The ‘safai karmchari’ feels free in this nation? Do you literally post anything against the wrongdoings of the government without thinking twice? As a Muslim by religion, are you not afraid of being killed anywhere anytime?

The list goes endless. I, personally, don’t feel free as a girl, as a daughter. The restrictions at my home by my parents to not go anywhere without permission, to not pursue something of my choice doesn’t make me feel free. In my city, I am afraid of stepping outside my home post 7 pm. Maybe, in future, as a daughter-in-law, I won’t feel free because of the patriarchy that keeps hitting and haunting me.

Even after 74 years of Independence,the question is why am I not feeling independent. There is no concern about rape culture speeding fast like Shatabdi, unemployed people are still enjoying the booze at hookah bar, females are still not considered an asset rather a liability, media is not free to express the real concern, religion is just creating drains of blood all over, education is still a dream for many, lakhs of primary healthcare centers have become a house of spirits, middle class people are getting numerous disease because of the stress arising from the affordability range going high, unlimited suicide more than unlimited cellular data and most important people like me who are still in a fear of voicing their opinions and thoughts at home and on social media too.

Well, a paragraph isn’t enough to describe the issues because there are many more to be uncovered. But it brings disappointment to see the youth, the so called strong section of our society engaged in making reels on Instagram and following the latest trends, having fun with ‘baspan ka pyaar’. Like literally…? Can we even think of how many students are getting benefited from the online classes? In fact, how many have the access to online education and among the one having access, how many are taking it seriously. We really have don’t idea because it is none of our concern.. right?

We need to feel the independence from inside. There has to be a literal feeling of independence where our soul can honestly scream from inside and say with a relief and smile that ‘YES! WE ARE INDEPENDENT’. Just like the people in 1947 felt it when they were free from the exploitation and rule of Britishers. We need to speak and let others speak, we need to transform our thoughts and go with the change, we need to pay attention to the real issues that are craving for our eyes and concern.

Only then can the patriotism be seen in our eyes when ‘Bharat Mata’ herself will feel liberated. But presently, even she is crying. So, let us take a pledge on this day to make her feel independent being her responsible sons and daughters. Let us make India a place worth living and then hoist the flag with full joy, real patriotic feeling and the sense of independence.

P.S- I really pay no grudges to the ones putting up stories of the day. No offence to anyone and no intention to harm the sentiments of any particular human.




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Medha Shukla

I am a crazy soul but peaceful by heart. Writing heals me and art enlivens me. I am a Leo by Sunsign.