Festivals Aur Dooriyan…..Why?

“Jaldi so jao, kal jaldi uthna hai, raakhi baandhna hai”, “Ye wala rakhi jisme teddy bear bana hai”, “Kal bahut sara mithai milega”, “Kal wo naya wala suit pehnenge”

And what not? This was the real vibe of festivals earlier, especially Rakshabandhan. The preparations started 10 days prior, the excitement for the festival used to be at its peak and the train tickets were done some months ago just to be together with the family. This was the festival scene when we were small, innocent kids.

Now sending the GIFs and stickers are a lot as an effort for the festivals. The train tickets have been cut down to video calls and sweets are now replaced by diet food. The Doraemon rakhi looks cute but it doesn’t throw the excitement that earlier big ‘fool wali rakhi’ had.

Well, I don’t have any answers because I am still in the research process of finding them. But I can say definitely that restoring and preserving this culture and tradition is in our hands. It’s because these are not just mere festivals, but a day for us to rejoice in the memories, to laugh together and create some new memories, and a day to feel the togetherness and the gratitude of having a family.

Are we so lost in our work, schedule, career, passion, and deadlines that we cannot spare some time to be part of the rich culture that we own and that which unites us? If so, slow claps for this.

Today, the festivals are limited to Instagram and Whatsapp status. There is no excitement in getting up early in the morning to celebrate it. It’s more of a formal gesture to somehow just getting it done. And so has the bond become, completely formal. There is no expectation from brothers to protect the sisters because now everyone has become self-sufficient. The laddus are no sweeter and the bundle of cash and expensive gifts are no more surprising because ’51 Rupaye’ had that immense love earlier.

Let’s try to bring the past vibes back. Let’s make a confession to each other and vent out what actually is inside. What is important is the relationship and the feelings. No project or deadline has the power to replace that bond.

Maybe we can do it now. Maybe the next time we eat ladoo, it will taste the same as it used to be in our childhood days. Maybe the next time we meet there won’t be a need for any gifts because the presence would be enough to bring a smile to our faces. To all the brothers and sisters, let’s create that ‘Pehle wala rakshbandhan’ vibe again and lessen the ‘dooriyan’ because after all ‘hum sab Bhai Behen hai yaar’.

Happy Rakshabandhan To Everyone :)



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Medha Shukla

I am a crazy soul but peaceful by heart. Writing heals me and art enlivens me. I am a Leo by Sunsign. https://www.quora.com/profile/Medha-Shukla-12