Daughters are the Replicas of their Mothers

“When you become a mother, only then you will understand”. This is a line that every Indian girl hears in their early 20s. A very melodramatic yet realistic dialogue that has some connection with your life. At present, I have three different female generations in front of me. I can see the difference in the lifestyle and the generation gap clearly which people talk about. I can see the mother daughter relationship evolving at every stage.

When I was a kid, I used to say that “I will become mummy when I grow up”. This is a humorous line that every Indian female kid has to throw up to their family in their childhood days and be a sport. But I have seen the so-called ‘generation gap’ too in the present time. I have seen little girls saying “I don’t want to be like my mother when I grow up. I want to be something good and different”. Even though I want to be something different in my life but that moment when I heard a girl saying this, I literally felt sad for her mother who carried her in her womb for nine months tolerating all the pain and sufferings.

My mother still treats me like a kid even though I am 25. I too have accepted this affectionate treatment of her. Although I get irritated sometimes, I miss them too. Today, it was quite an astonishing moment for me when my mother said “You have turned so mature. You seem to be so experienced and sensible at such an early age”. That was really a cloud nine moment. I was so elated and felt like a feather added to my attire. After some time I realized that my mother got married at the age of 21 and had her first baby at the age of 22. Was she so mature and sensible enough to get married and hold the responsibility of a big family? Probably she would have been. So, why can’t I show some maturity at 25. After all, one should always be ready to take responsibilities in life.

We daughters argue with our mothers, sometimes hurt them but cannot justify their love for us. We fail in understanding that we are the replicas of them till we become mother. The 9 months attachment when they are not able to see and still they love is in itself a very pious feeling in this world. We ultimately realize and understand this when we suffer all the pain, exploitation, torture, insult and ignorance somewhere in our life. That happens to be the day when we shed tears remembering our mothers and the sacrifice they do for us.

In front of my eyes, I am able to see a mother daughter relationship that is in an early stage and I am learning a lot from it. On one side, how difficult it is for the mothers to handle all the tantrums and on the other, the softness of the relationship where daughters are the lifeline. How interesting it would be for the mothers to observe their daughters thinking how their replicas are growing in front of their eyes and with a hope to see a sparkling future ahead.



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Medha Shukla

I am a crazy soul but peaceful by heart. Writing heals me and art enlivens me. I am a Leo by Sunsign. https://www.quora.com/profile/Medha-Shukla-12