Can my mind rest/live in Peace?

Yesterday, I was just walking on the balcony sipping my evening tea and listening to soft music. This moment happens to be my personal moment, where my past life takes a merry-go-round, I observe things from my present and I give a thought to my future. The tea gives me calmness and the snacks add more spices to my thoughts. All through this while I suddenly paused and had that statue moment. Then and there a thought came to my mind. In the last 3 weeks, I have noticed three things in me:

I am getting annoyed every minute on every person

I have become much more active and balanced than before

I have started being suspicious about little things

My mind needs to rest in peace. At times, life turns chaotic. Everywhere you look, the sight seems blurry. Everything seems dull and boring.

I turned around and saw the lights sparkling everywhere. The farthest I can see, the lights were visible. I just inquired a bit and thought how positive these eyes are. They are seeing the lights only because they want to see them. The same happens with us and our minds. We see only what we want to see.

There comes a moment in your life when you seem to be confused but you think you know in which direction you are going. Also, if you are sure about yourself, the outside energies distract you from being what you are. Sometimes I feel like being quiet and showcase gratitude for all that I have and for a blessed healthy life. But the next moment I want to scream loudly and vent out all the pain that is accumulating in my mind and is not visible to anyone.

One single day I was just watching a video clip where a covid patient who had died was being taken for the cremation process. The body was lying lethargic, dead and the health care workers were sanitizing the body preceded by covering the body in a bag-like structure and zipping it finally. The treatment of a dead body was somewhat inhuman.

Any emotionless person would also have cried on seeing that. I just came to a conclusion after watching it. The body is important and cared for till it is alive. No one has seen the soul and we just assume that it is immortal. But the moment the body gets dead; it turns out to be in vain. No respect, no care, no pity for that body.

We say rest in peace when someone is dead. But till a person is alive, no one makes sure if the mind is at peace or not. Once a baby is born and till he/she gets old, life gets packed with a lot of responsibilities, work, dreams, and things to achieve.

Lots of aspirations bring a lot of pain and sadness too in their way. But that pain turns out in the form of joy once that aspiration changes into achievement. But what about the middle way and what about the adversities that came as a complimentary gift form?

Be positive! Be positive! Be positive! Why staying positive has become so complex a task? The charm on the face and the gleam in the eyes are diminishing day by day. Is it the greed of success or the outcome of stress? Both these words are giving each other a tough challenge. One is positive and one negative. I am wondering how to let success win and make it defeat the stress. Are you also thinking about the same?

There is nothing shameful in venting out, in disclosing what is troubling you right there. What is wrong with asking the mind to rest in peace for a while? Looking for the answers and scraping out the confusion, I am drawing my blanket to cuddle the sleep and put my mind for some rest and some peace.



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Medha Shukla

I am a crazy soul but peaceful by heart. Writing heals me and art enlivens me. I am a Leo by Sunsign.